Build a solution that conquers your problem, and delights your users.

While our process has several steps, each phase of the process is ongoing, and the work doesn’t end until we achieve these two goals.

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Great software is discovered, not designed.

Of course great software is carefully planned and designed by software engineers, but too many software engineers with hammers only see nails.


We don’t work that way. Our job is to listen.


Every problem has many paths to a solution. If you carefully listen to the problem and constraints, you’ll find exactly how to solve the issue (and it may not require a hammer at all).

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Get to the root of the issue, then design the best solution.

We spend enough time upfront to understand your problems, then create wireframes and user stories to quickly flesh out additional details.


It’s easier and cheaper to identify obstacles and issues early, and minimizes costly changes down the road.


During development, we prefer to talk with you frequently, even if only a few minutes, so that you’re constantly aware of what we’re working on and where the project stands.

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Build products with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. 

Our development process focuses heavily on getting things done, and along the way assessing whether we’re moving in the right direction.


We let you to see our work at various intervals throughout the process, and provide us feedback before we spend time – and money – implementing a piece that may never get used.


Development is a process of discovery, so gaining a solid footing before we get too deep ensures you get exactly what you need.

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Review each piece to make sure our work is on target.

The value of our process is in iterating on these steps – listening, repeating, and refining over time.


After the first few weeks on a project, we settle into a formalized cycle of discovery, drafting, and development. This allows us to keep moving forward quickly, making sure that we keep our eyes on the end goal.

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