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Better software, together.

Justin Etheredge and Al Tenhundfeld founded Simple Thread in 2010, then known as Ecstatic Labs. The firm has grown steadily since then, serving innovative clients throughout Central Virginia from our bases in Richmond and Charlottesville. In 2017, the company rebranded as Simple Thread around the core ideas of simplicity and partnership, symbolized by many strands twisting together to become better together.

What makes Simple Thread different is what we value.

The Agile Manifesto, a set of principles that advocates for a collaborative and iterative effort in developing software, offers us a clear path for building products. Adopting Agile practices years ago has fundamentally changed the way we work. Agile development has complemented the experiences that have shaped our unique development process. Over time, we have come to value…

  • Simplicity over flexibility.
  • Discovery over design.
  • Pragmatism over elegance.
  • Reliability over cutting edge.
  • Productivity over sophistication.
  • Joy over professionalism.
  • Delivering value over writing software.

While we value the items on the right, we value the items on the left even more.

White Boarding

Here's what we know about great software.

We build great products through collaboration with you. We are guided in our work by four key beliefs about what makes great software.

Great software begins and ends with people.
It requires an understanding of the people who will use it and be affected by it. It means knowing which elements are intuitive, and those that will be confusing or intimidating. An expertly crafted tool not only solves a problem, but is also deeply satisfying to use.

Great software is discovered, not designed.
Every problem has many ways to be fixed. But if you listen carefully, the problem tells you exactly how it wants to be solved.

Great software isn’t perfect.
Perfect is the enemy of good. Making everything perfect is a waste of time, instead we deliver rapidly while listening and learning, then deliver again, and again, and again – simplifying along the way.

Great software comes from great partnerships.
We believe great partnerships are like a thread. Many strands twist together as one, to become better together. Communication and collaboration is at the core of everything we do.

Never stop learning.

We commit to making time to study, train, and purposefully experiment to find new ways to solve unique business problems. We embrace both our successes and mistakes, and learn from both. Experience comes from trial and error, and each are as important to our process as they are to our experience.


Justin Etheredge - Partner/Engineer/UX Designer

“Sure, it’s coffee in this mug.”

Justin was born and raised right here in Richmond. He has lived here all his life, met his wife here, is raising his son here – and quite frankly, will probably push up daisies here. Justin’s love of computers started early with the same thing that gets every young boy excited about computers: video games. Fortunately, the obsession has matured – where once he dreamed of beating the final boss in “Contra,” he now dwells on how customers will use Simple Thread’s products. Justin hasn’t lost all of his boyish charms, though. In his spare time, he reads copious amounts of science fiction and watches too much Netflix. But he also likes to cook, partake in some craft beers, and play soccer with his son. In true grown-up form, Justin dreams of one day buying a house out in the country … so that his wife will stop bugging him about it.

  • Favorite Book: Is it Sci-fi? Does it have aliens? Yeah, that one.
  • Favorite Activity: Spending time with family and friends


Al Tenhundfeld - Partner/Engineer

“Ninja skills! Ninja skills!”

Forgive Al if he’s staring into the distance, remembering technology’s glorious past. He might see visions of “Space Invaders,” recalling the inspiration he found in his brother’s Atari 2600 – so much joy in such a little box! Or perhaps he’s reflecting on his embrace of the Internet just before the Web took off – oh, the welcoming ethos of early BBS and Usenet! But firmly in the present, Al has a passion for improving lives through software – whether a simple tool to automate a tedious back-office process or a product that helps a client launch a business. Al grew up on the Gulf Coast near Mobile, Ala., and made his way to U.Va. He settled in Charlottesville, and when away from the computer, he loves cooking for family, hiking in the Appalachians … and secretly enjoying British detective shows that his wife forces him to watch. He also buys more books than one man could ever read (see below).

  • Favorite Book: Dune… no wait… Jitterbug Perfume… uh… The Jamais Vu Papers? Too many …
  • Favorite Activity: Making his daughter laugh


Alex Baldwin - Software Product Engineer

“You like the beard, right?”

Alex has spent most of his life here in the Richmond area – and loving computers (he has been coding since age 13). With experience in databasing, middleware and user interfaces, he is a real tech enthusiast who loves to build the engines that drive beautiful, robust web applications. Alex relishes the challenge of solving problems, though he has yet to figure out how to outdo his wife and their three kids when playing water war outside during the summer. You can find him at the Kings Dominion theme park on summertime Saturdays… and, when he can fit it in, at the gym (a guy’s gotta work off all those funnel cakes, after all).

  • Favorite Book: 1984
  • Favorite Activity: Riding rollercoasters


Stephen Kiningham - Software Product Engineer

“The lightsaber attracts birds.”

When Stephen isn’t busy coding, his favorite pastime is bird watching – no word, though, on whether the birds like watching him, too. He routinely travels to find and photograph birds, and we wonder if this passion for tracking things might have something to do with his experience in RFID solutions. Closer to home, Stephen enjoys exploring the parks of Charlottesville with his wife, Holly. He’s also a soccer fan, and his house actually resembles a sports bar – there is always at least one game on in the background. So if Barca goes to the birds, you can bet Stephen is already there.

  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter
  • Favorite Activity: Bird watching


David Leyden - Software Product Engineer

“T-shirts ARE business casual!”

David grew up in rural Iowa and spent half his life in east Tennessee before moving to the “Big City” (Richmond, that is – and it’s an accurate description next to Johnson City). David worked at East Tennessee State University as a software engineer for eight years and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees there. Though he has spent most of his professional life working with .Net, he does enjoy branching out into the open-source world. David also loves games of all kinds – be they sports, video, or board games. His interest in the latter was particularly rekindled when he first played “The Settlers of Catan” and learned about the realm of Eurogames. It wasn’t long before “Agricola” and “Puerto Rico” took over his dining room table. But he tries to leave enough room there for dinner: David likes to cook, exploring new dishes or better ways of cooking old dishes to the delight (usually) of his wife.

  • Favorite Books: Moneyball and A Storm of Swords
  • Favorite Activity: Canoeing
Don Denoncourt


Don Denoncourt - Software Product Engineer

“Hacking the commute by listening to a tech podcast.”

Don’s been coding since before Windows and Linux, much less the Internet. In the early nineties, Don moved from RPG and Cobol to C and C++. He adopted Java before it was real: 1996. After coding his way through the proliferation of Java frameworks (including Struts, Spring, and EJB) Don pined for the Convention-over-Configuration framework of Ruby and Rails. Don did Groovy and Grails before finally moving to Rails in 2011. Don enjoys writing and has published a couple of books and hundreds of technical articles. Don has been working from home since last century. When Don is not working, he loves spending time with his 3 grandchildren. To keep his mind young, Don reads and listens to novels in Italian. And, to keep his body young, Don is an avid off-road and street unicyclist.

  • Favorite Book: The Hobbit
  • Favorite Activity: Unicycling




Brian Bassett - Director of Client Relationships

Poring over Visual Basic code at 2 a.m. for YY formats back in 1999 – gripped with the harrowing fear of Y2K – was the necessary encouragement for Brian to explore a business development roles in software for most of his 20-year career. That same night, Brian realized which part of his job he loved most. It was those rare whiteboarding sessions where he helped clients constrained by technological choices extricate themselves from costly business problems. That track led Brian to work with some of the world’s largest enterprises while at IBM Software in sales, operations and architecture roles.

Brian was diagnosed with a debilitating case of New York Jets Fandom at the age of 14. Ever since, Brian has enjoyed hopeful springs and summers followed by morose autumns and winters. As a cathartic outlet while living in Massachusetts, Brian created a blog about the Jets which he later sold to the New York-based TV network SNY. Now residing in the Old Dominion, Brian enjoys adventuring east and west of the Blue Ridge with his wife and three children on weekends in search of The World’s Greatest Donut.

  • Favorite Book: Great Expectations
  • Favorite Activity: Traveling around Virginia


Branson Lilburn - Software Product Engineer

Coming soon.


Casey Ellett - Software Product Engineer

Coming soon.


Mike Green - Software Product Engineer

Coming soon…


Spencer Hansen - Lead UI/UX Designer

Coming soon.

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We work with great people.

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