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Starting tomorrow I am going to start a short semi-daily post which is going to be called “Tag a day”. Since, as most people know, asp.net developers don’t actually write any html we need a little practice when it comes to new standards like HTML 4.01. Seriously though, wasn’t HTML 4.0 enough? But anyways, in order to help the common asp.net developer I am going to post one new html tag each day and describe what it is used for. I’m not going to be posting up silly tags like <a> or <p> that we all know how to use. We do all know those, right? Well, if not, then please send me a note by the contact page and I’ll post something up. Don’t leave a comment though, you may be laughed off the internet. If the tag a day posts are successful enough, then I may also do a CSS tag a day when I am finished.

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