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For those of you that do not know, I gave a presentation last weekend at the Richmond Code Camp 2008.1. Yep, we have more than one Code Camp per year in Richmond, we are quite lucky!  For those of you who could not attend my presentation I am putting up my slide deck and sample code, but I will also be turning my presentation into a series of posts. I wanted to do a screencast of the presentation, but Camtasia is about 300 dollars, so it is a bit out of my price range for free work. I feel like the posts will present the information better than a slide deck and sample code, but if you want to download the presentation anyways, feel free!

Update: I have now added a pdf version of the slides for those who cannot use the pptx file. The only issue is that the pdf lacks the notes that the powerpoint presentation has on them. So, it may be hard to tell what certain parts of the presentation mean. Hopefully though it will still be of some use to you!

Presentation Slides (pptx)

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Presentation Source

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  1. I will look at cam studio, and I will try and publish the pptx as some other type of file (probably a pdf). Sorry, I didn’t really think about the fact that most people won’t be able to open it.

    I actually really like the new version of Office though, and with the Home edition being only 100 bucks, I can’t complain. If Camtasia Studio wasn’t 300 dollars I would buy it because I have heard it is a great program. I just can’t justify 300 dollars for personal use. As a software developer (and consumer in general) I am happy to pay for software (or any other product) that I feel delivers real value.

  2. Fantastic, thanks for the intro. The code samples are very clear.

    Noob q: do I need to install Moq or NUnit to run the tests in the final example?

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