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The last 6 months have been quite the whirlwind for me! My wife and I had our first child just over 6 months ago, and I’m starting to realize how much free time I had before that! He is wonderful, but it has forced me to push a lot of things aside in order to focus my time on him. I’ve been attending less conferences, writing less, and reading less. I still do way too much work after hours, but hey, I can’t just quit cold turkey!

Besides having my first child, the other big change that I am finally ready to announce is that Al Tenhundfeld has agreed to partner with me at Ecstatic Labs! I’m truly excited about working with one of my best friends, and at the same time I am also excited about what we are going to be able to accomplish. I am going to be rebranding CodeThinked to be the “official” blog of Ecstatic Labs, and both Al and I will be blogging on here. Hopefully that will bring the number of posts back to an acceptable level.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you for all of your support!

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