Simple Thread Expands Expertise in Energy Industry

Introducing Our New Director of Energy Technology

Simple Thread Expands Expertise in Energy Industry

Simple Thread is excited to have Hadi Athari, Ph.D., PE, leading our new Energy Technology Practice. As Director of Energy Technology, Hadi will propel Simple Thread’s commitment to the energy and utility industry to new heights.

The Energy Technology Practice will combine our deep expertise in custom software, user experience, and digital product design with Hadi’s in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in energy production, transmission, and distribution. His team is well positioned to bridge the gap between the worlds of software development and the energy industry.

“Hadi understands our utility clients’ needs because he’s lived in that world for years”

“I’m excited to see the value we are going to bring to our energy clients with this new practice. Pairing up our existing user experience, software engineering, and DevOps expertise with more deep industry knowledge is going to unlock a lot of potential for our partners. We’re excited to take this to the next level,” says Justin Etheredge, our CEO.

The Energy Technology Practice’s primary goal will be to collaborate closely with energy and utility companies, leveraging their collective expertise to craft solutions that transform the industry. Hadi’s understanding of power systems, software, and the business implications of his team’s work ensures that Simple Thread remains at the forefront of the energy industry’s digital transformation.

Simple Thread is carving a significant niche in the energy technology domain with the inclusion of Hadi Athari as the Director of Energy Technology. This new practice is poised to foster innovative solutions, bridging the gap between the energy industry and digital transformation.

We invite energy and utility companies seeking to navigate the digital landscape successfully to reach out and explore collaborative opportunities. Connect with our new Energy Technology Practice and discover how our enhanced expertise can drive your projects towards unparalleled success.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can propel your energy tech initiatives to new heights.

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