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This post is an informal survey of sorts. The company which gainfully employs me has tasked me with doing a bit of internal work on our framework. While I am not at liberty to share a huge amount of details, what I am interested in is not re-inventing the wheel. I want to leverage the available tools as much as we can. Notice that I did not say free, I doubt that we would turn away a good framework just because it costs money. So, here is the deal, does anyone know of any good .net application frameworks? I’m looking for any sort of helper frameworks that you might use. We are already looking at the usual gambit of persistence tools, DI Containers, logging tools, etc… I am just curious if anyone out there knows of any more generic application frameworks that include general helper classes for application development. Things like security, encryption, messaging, etc… All the usual stuff that most of us just write helper classes for. So anyways, let me know if you have any suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated.



I looked at a few in the spring (2008) and ended up using ExpressApp Framework (Xaf) from DevExpress. It sounds like it may be more than you want though.


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