Why asp.net MVC is so awesome.


Because all you have to do is put it in the title of your blog post and you'll be on the front page of dotnetkicks no matter how bad your post is!

Update: Apparently I struck a cord with a few people who decided that I had in some way personally offended them with this post. Let me just say that I do think that asp.net MVC is a good thing (and certainly a step forward) and I was merely pointing out the obsession with asp.net MVC on dotnetkicks. Oh, and I had to turn on comment moderation because someone decided that they were going to keep trying to post XSS attacks over and over in my comments. Probably the same person that tagged this story on dotnetkicks with ThisSiteSux0rz.  Some people need to just put the torch down and step away. 🙂

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  1. Dude, you rock. This is actually the first post i completely agree with. Dotnetkicks sucks so freakin bad. I could write a blog about my ass and post a link to goatse, and it would get on the front page. I think its a combination of the fact that the reader base is half noob, half moron. Just pisses me off that this site perpetuates bad information. Either way, props, you got my kick.

  2. LOL 🙂
    this buzz or hype around new MS mvc is so lame to me mostly because it’s about old technology/pattern. Until yesterday only few people knew about castle monorail or similar products, and now when scott g says mvc is good thing and MS will release one, everybody jumping around (and writing blogs:)

  3. haha…yes, true. personally, i could give a crap abot mvc. it may be awesome, but i probably won’t have the time to learn about it anyways. plus i’m sure that it has its own flaws and weaknesses as well.

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