Want To See Me Vomit On Stage At MIX 2010?


If you are tired, and don’t feel like reading, then just go here and vote for me. If you actually want to figure out what you are voting for, then read on. 🙂 Just kidding, you should read below before you go vote.

Hello there loyal readers 🙂 I come to you with a serious question, "would you like to see me vomit on stage at MIX 2010?" If the answer to that question is "yes", then you should go vote for me. Okay, so maybe I won’t actually vomit, but I promise to be really nervous! I’ve given tons of talks before, but I doubt that I’ve ever been in front of a group as large as one that will be at MIX. So I might vomit. 🙂 But probably not.

So anyways, you probably won’t actually see me vomit, but what you will see is me get up on a stage at a major Microsoft conference and give a talk on leveraging Ninject, Moq, and XUnit to build a testable ASP.NET MVC application! The link to the Abstract is here. But I will go ahead and duplicate it here anyways:

Title: Building Testable Applications With ASP.NET MVC

Speaker: Justin Etheredge, Dominion Digital Inc.

Abstract: Building testable applications doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Fortunately for us, building testable applications is really all about creating applications which are loosely coupled, flexible, and high cohesive. Sound complicated? Well, it isn’t! So, come on by and watch C# MVP Justin Etheredge (www.CodeThinked.com) build an ASP.NET MVC application which leverages dependency injection (and lots of other hip terms) to become simple, flexible, and testable.

If you are going to MIX and you want to see it, or you think that others should see the talk, then please go and vote for it! Thank you!!! While you’re at it, go check out talks by some of my fellow bloggers and technologists:

K. Scott Allen

Cory Foy

Maarten Balliauw

Elijah Manor

Shawn Wildermuth

Kyle Bailey

Shay Friedman

John Sheehan

The list is huge! If I missed your name, let me know!

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