Simple Thread Announces A.I.-Based Pivot into Exciting New Market

Hand holding a stylized hologram of a mobile device with the user experience breaking out of the screen.

RICHMOND, VA /STNoozwire — Simple Thread, a Virginia Limited Liability Corporation (Simple Thread) today announced the initiation of their company’s pivot and relaunch. For over a decade, Simple Thread has designed and built industry leading and award winning digital products through deep partnerships, their counter-positional team-building approach, and expert delivery teams.

This work has built untold value for customers, profoundly impacted lives, and probably literally changed the world. But like Intel, Apple, Cop Rock, and Microsoft before them Simple Thread has bravely decided to chart a new course.

Simple Thread is proud to announce their pivot away from software and into the world of exquisite embroidery. Introducing Multi-Threaded™ by Simple Thread: It’s not just software anymore.

“Changing the world is what we’re passionate about,” said Simple Thread’s Partner Al Tenhundfeld. “Embroidery has been our true calling from the very beginning before we settled into the mundane world of software development. What better way to make a practical impact than through high quality embroidery?”

This bold step has not been without a commitment to a company-wide skills retraining. For the next few months the team will be dedicating time to learn how to weave everything from friendship bracelets to cross-stitching to operating high-speed manufacturing looms and embroidering machines.

“The best news about this pivot is that we are using Artificial Intelligence to scan codebases and build fractal-based art representative of a code repository,” said Simple Thread Founding Partner Justin Etheredge. “What was once boring source code can now be analogically transformed into functional and stylish floor coverings or area rugs.”

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