Richmond Virginia “Meet and Code” dinner


Do you wish you could meet more fellow developers in the Richmond area? Do you wish that you could meet them in an open social settings where you can get questions answered or discuss the latest developer tools and trends? Do you wish I would stop asking questions? Of course you do! Well we are going to try this new type of meeting/dinner on March 26th (and again on April 26th), Sixto Saez and I are calling it a "Meet and Code" dinner. It is going to be held in the same conference room that the current .net user group meetings are currently held in. We are also going to provide free food, so come hungry.

I have created a group on Yahoo upcoming in order to have a place to schedule all of the meetings. If you are interested please sign up for one of the meetings so that we can figure out how much food to get.

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  1. Hey Justin, thanks for doing this. Did you know that the Richmond Code Camp is on the date of your second meeting, April 26th? I think many of the people who might attend your meeting will also have attended the Code Camp and will be very tired by then. Something to think about.

    — Kevin

  2. Yep, we actually scheduled it with Andy on purpose like that. 🙂 We were hoping to introduce some more people to it, even if not too many show up after code camp. I was hoping that we could get somewhere that we could have a few drinks as well so people could wind down after code camp (for those of us who enjoy a drink it’ll get the social wheels greased 🙂 ), but Markel doesn’t allow this (understandably). If anyone knows of somewhere that will allow this, please let me know!

  3. So, there’s a plan! Very good. I will certainly be there in April. Sorry I’ll miss the first one in March. 🙁 I teach on Wednesday evenings.

    You’ll have to blog about the experience afterwards and let us who couldn’t attend know how it went. Thanks again.

  4. Bummer, I’ll be in Pittsburgh during the first one. But I’ll try to make it to the one in April with some fresh ideas I’m sure I’ll get from my trip to ALT.NET Open Spaces. 🙂

    Have fun!

  5. @Joey Yeah, I saw you were going to the ALT.NET Open Spaces, I am quite jealous. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear how that goes!

    And I think at the first one Sixto and I will be splitting a pizza by ourselves. Ha ha. Hopefully some people will discover the meetings from going to the code camp and then we can start to gain a little traction.

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