Richmond Code Camp 2010.1 Is This Weekend

Richmond Code Camp 2010.1 Is This Weekend

Richmond Code Camp 2010.1 is coming up this Saturday May 22nd from 7:30am to 5:00pm at J. Sargeant Reynolds Parham Road campus. If you haven’t already signed up, then what are you waiting for?!?! Get over there now! Don’t know what Code Camp is? Well, I’ll let the Code Camp site tell you:

Over 40 sessions concerning software development, methodology, programming languages, database development & administration, business intelligence, reporting, portals and more.
Free registration. Free breakfast. Free lunch. Awesome networking with your peers and dozens of expert speakers. Free WiFi. Incredibly modern classrooms and auditorium. Easy, free parking. Beautiful spring weather (ok, so that one’s a guess). What else could you ask for? A foot rub, you say? Umm, no. That’s a little weird. We’re not touching your feet. But we hope to see you at the Code Camp anyhow.
Check out our website at and be sure to add to your e-mail whitelist filter so our updates and reminders can get through. See you there!

If you are curious as to what those 40+ session are, then go check out the schedule pdf.

Richmond Code Camp is a blast, and is chock full of awesome talks by some absolutely great presenters. And you know what else? If you show up, you’ll get to meet me. 🙂 That is what you are really going for, isn’t it?

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  1. Thanks for the notice Justin – the event looks awesome! While I am planning on attending (registering later today), I did see that there were several sessions I wanted to attend at the same time. Will video of the sessions be available afterwards? I’m guessing no since this is a free event (which is TOTALLY understandable), but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.


  2. @Danny Unfortunately no, we don’t have the resources to pull off video recordings of all of the sessions. Looks like you are going to need to do some prioritizing!

    Look forward to seeing you at the event!

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