Richmond Code Camp 2008 Tomorrow


I am giving a talk at the Richmond Code Camp 2008 tomorrow, and I am really excited/nervous. Oh, and other people are giving some presentations as well. My friend Kevin Hazzard is giving two presentations. One on calling WCF services with no proxy (called “Look Ma! No Proxy!”) and a Silverlight 101 presentation. I will definitely be attending the “No Proxy” session, but I’m going to have to skip the Silverlight session for Amanda Laucher’s F# session. Sorry Kevin! I am extremely interested in F#, but I have not had a chance to dig my teeth in.

So, I have to admit that this is the first presentation that I have ever given. So, if you are in my session, please go easy on me. I don’t get too nervous in front of people, but it is easy for me to say this right now. I am giving my presentation on DI (Dependency Injection) and I decided to give my examples in and Ninject. I must give a shout out to Nate Kohari, who has helped walked me through Ninject (his brain-child) and who did an amazing job creating it.

So, if you have wondered at all what happened to my blog posts, then if you are near Richmond you can come tomorrow and see the fruits of my post-less-ness. And if you aren’t able to attend tomorrow, you can bet that I will turn my presentation into a series considering the insane amount of time that I have put into it. Well, I hope you can attend, and if not, then I hope you enjoy the future blog posts!

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