One Year Blogiversary Is Today!

One Year Blogiversary Is Today!

I completely forgot, but my one year blogiversary is today. Here is the post that I made on year ago today, when I started this blog. I was going to do something special to celebrate it, but it looks like time has gotten away from me. It has been quite the interesting adventure, and I hope that I find the time and energy to continue this blog for yet another year! I would like to thank everyone who has commented, or sent me a question in an e-mail, and I hope that you continue to interact as well.

Just so you know, here are some interesting blog stats for this year (via Google Analytics):

  • 170 total posts
  • 1120 total comments
  • 255,498 total visitors
  • 354,160 total page views

Top 10 Most Popular Posts:

So there you have it, n years down, n + 1 years to go.

Oh, and before you think I am getting some insane traffic, the first two posts in that list account for almost half of my total page views!

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