Microsoft PDC 2008


So, I was looking at what it would cost me to go to the PDC in Los Angeles this fall, and I was actually quite astounded:

Flight = $391.01 round trip

Hotel = $165.00 * 5 nights = $825

PDC Admission = $2195

Pre-Conference Admission = $400

Misc. Expenses = $50 * 5 days = $250 bucks

Grand Total = $3401.00

The flight actually surprised me a bit, I was expecting it to be a bit more, but Expedia found some good rates. Now, you have to add in fees and stuff which will jack it up a little bit, but still pretty good. The hotel is almost a thousand bucks, and with the conference and pre-conference admission totaling over 2500 dollars, wow.

How many people can really get a week off from work, and get their boss to shell out almost 3 and a half grand to go to PDC? I know that right now I am a contractor, and so I have no one to even beg. I guess I’ll either have to get a second job, or find someone to sponsor me to go. Hmmm, sponsorship.

Okay, so if anyone wants to sponsor me to go to PDC, I will be willing to do any promotion for them while at PDC (to a certain extent). It is probably considerably cheaper to send me to PDC to walk around wearing your company’s shirt and handing out demos, than it would be to get a booth there. 🙂

Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. My last employer suggested that they’d be sending me to conferences, but then they saw the prices and backed out.

    Maybe we’ll have to start our own conference here in Virginia.

  2. Yeah, my last employer was nice enough to let me go to Mix in Vegas. I feel as if there was a lot of value in getting out there, getting to meet people and networking.

    The cost is prohibitive though. I feel as if I met some cool people, and saw some good stuff, but it is hard to quantify that. Was it worth the amount of money that my employer spent? For them, it is hard to say.

    I know for me, the ability to meet and talk with people that I would otherwise never meet can open up opportunities that you never imagined. But again, I cannot personally afford the costs involved.

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