I’m soooo late to the game (twitter)


Ummm, so this is almost embarrassing, but I have just recently started using Twitter. Yeah, I know, old skool. I exude lameness. In my own defense I tried it out a long time ago, but I thought that whole web interface was lame, so I never kept up with it. But now there is about 1.2 million desktop clients for it, and so I downloaded Witty and now I am using it. (Oh, and Witty crashes for me, a lot) So, if you think that there is some possibility that I might say something smart or insightful, feel free to follow me. So, go here to visit my twitter page.

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  1. Hehe, I just use Twitter’s IM feature (GTalk in Pidgin) for sending/receiving tweets. It’s simple and it allows me to keep twitter right along side everything else I manage in Pidgin (Yahoo, GTalk, AIM, IRC, etc.).

  2. Yeah, I used Pidgin on linux (back when it was still Gaim) for a long time, but I just don’t use IM anymore. And honestly I don’t use IRC for anything currently either. So, something like Witty or Snitter works better for me.

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