How telling is this?


I came across this today on my work computer, and it made me chuckle…


If you don’t get it, only IE saves things to the download folder, Firefox does not (until version 3).

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  1. That is always the first thing I change when I install Firefox 2. I make <my_user>Downloads the default location to save downloaded files. I’m glad they’ve changed the default location in v3.

  2. Mine was like that for years.

    This year, I’ve been trying to use the desktop on my center display as a download inbox, and keep working it toward zero like my email inbox. Using super-mega-huge icons helps make that easier.

    Who am I fooling though… It’ll be full again soon (already three full columns today).

  3. I can relate. The only thing in my Downloads folder at the moment is the Firefox setup file, and my desktop has 102 icons. The first thing I download on a newly-install Windows OS is Firefox. The second thing is the Download Statusbar Firefox extension. 🙂

  4. i used to have a crazy deskop too, but then i created a ‘Desktop’ folder _on_ the deskop.

    works quite well (it’s mayhem inside that folder). although at the moment, on my work computer, i have a game where i’m trying to fill both of my screens with icons, and see if it explodes when it gets full. i’m currently at about 75%.

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