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Thanks to all of those that attended the geek dinner on Tuesday! We had about 10 people there and so I consider it to be quite a success. We had some good conversation, food, and drinks. Although after the beers started warming me up I think the conversation drifted at the end. 🙂 It was really loud, so next time we are going to find somewhere more quiet. It was hard to talk to anyone that wasn't right next to you. We hope to do this again soon, and I have been talking with the Richmond Code camp guys and I think we are going to try to do another one right after the Code Camp (That would be the 26th of April). So hopefully we can get some meeting space and some pizza and we can discuss whatever comes to mind without the background roar of other restaurant patrons.

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  1. Yeah, it was cool Justin. Thanks for getting it going.

    Looking forward to doing it again. Maybe next time we can some kind of "open spaces" type deal where we could all discuss a handful of things and maybe even bang out some code with our greasy pizza hands. 😛

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