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I recently made yet another career move and joined the team over at Dominion Digital. It seems that my career has had many tumultuous changes over the past few years, and so why did I make yet another one? I thought about that quite a bit, and it isn’t the easiest question to answer, but I think it all comes down to wanting change. I almost felt as if I should say needed change, but I think that “need” is just a bit too far. I really wanted something different, something new, something that was a challenge.

I just get burned out working on the same software and on the same job. After a few years of doing it, I just start to dread looking at the same thing day in and day out. I craved some sort of change. I think that getting into consulting will allow me to stay on the top of my game and get to work with new technologies. I picked Dominion Digital because I think that they believe very strongly in having a good work life balance, which is extremely important to me. I am very active in the community and I am very busy blogging and I run my own user group so I need to have some time left over to hang out with my wife. They are also a small company and so they seem to have a “family” feel to them.

To sum it up, I am really excited about the move and if you are a smart and passionate .net developer (in Richmond VA) who is looking for a new opportunity then contact me through twitter or the contact form on this blog.

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