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I have recently moved my blog to a new box, and the DNS is still propagating. If you have seen all my recent blog posts double up in Google Reader, then sorry. I don’t know why Google reader did that. Well, I guess it could be Feedburner, but I have seen Google Reader do it to other blogs that aren’t using Feedburner.

If you notice anything odd or not working, please send me an e-mail from my contact form! Thanks!

Update: I have confirmed that the RSS feed should be back to normal now. For some reason my feed was using the IP address for my new box (instead of the domain), which is why Google Reader picked them up as new posts. I believe it has to do with caching the domain or rss feed. Since I had initially hit my site using the IP address, it picked that up and started generating my feed using it. Now that I have recycled the site, my feed is all good now. The problem is that Google stores a history of all items it has pulled off your feed. So, those posts will be in my feed on Google reader forever. Oh well.

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