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If you’ve been to my blog previously then you might have noticed that things have changed a bit around here. I’ve moved my blog off of and onto WordPress. This isn’t a statement about, in fact I have had a wonderful experience with it. The move is driven primarily by two different decisions…

  1. I don’t want to host or maintain my blog anymore. I’d rather just pass my blog off to a service and allow them to worry about it. I’ve moved my blog onto WPEngine and at this point I’m happy with it. I’ll report back after I’ve been using the service for a few months and let everyone know how things have been going.
  2. I don’t want to have to customize very much. You just can’t beat the WordPress ecosystem. If I want to do something with my blog, chances are that there are 10 different plugins that do exactly what I want. If I want a theme, there are thousands to choose from. If I need help with something, there are tons of documentation out there.

Things might be changing a bit more over the next few days/weeks so let me know if you see anything that isn’t working quite right and I’ll get it all patched up. Right now the theme I have chosen if very clean and simple. I’m thinking that I might leave the theme this way for a while, let me know what you think of it!

I hope you enjoy the new blog, and I’ll be sure to get some new posts up here for you to enjoy!



Hey Justin,

I came across your blog while searching for the keywords: “3000 page views no adsense clicks” and got a post you wrote back in 2007 titled: “You’re annoying your readers and you’re not making any money”

Just wondering if you have any updated views on adsense you might like to share.




I’m a huge wordpress advocate, both as a blogging platform and as a full-fledged CMS. I’m currently trying to convince my company to adopt it as the latter. You’re using software, no? Or is it with a custom domain?

Justin Etheredge

@Claire I’m using WordPress with a custom domain. It is hosted at


Hi Justin,
Congrats 🙂 i cant agree more about your move to WP. I’m using BE right now and I’ve been thinking to move to WP for the same reasons you mentioned especially #2.

Because i don’t know PHP i don’t know how to make that move and move all my post and comments (which they are XML) to WP.

I’d appreciate if you can have a detailed post about that move and its required to do it.

Thanks a lot

I noticed the Notify me section below the comment body is off in terms of layout


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