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When I created JavaScriptBundler I wanted to create a simple framework that would allow ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC developers to quickly and easily combine and minify JavaScript. Mainly because I wanted something to use…scratch your own itch, as they say.

Then later I added support for CSS, and when I did that, I renamed it to Bundler. Since it was now doing more than just bundling JavaScript. Unfortunately when I did this, I didn’t do my due diligence and search around for other similarly named projects. Because I didn’t do this, I never found out that Yehuda Katz created a project called Bundler (which now seems to be maintained by Carl Lerche).

So, suffice to say that Bundler needs to be renamed. That is where you come in:

Poll is now closed, here are the results: 23

Bundlr: 11

NBundler: 14 5

Combinatron: 27

SquishIt: 28

If you have an additional option that you think needs to be added to the poll, please put it in a comment!


Derick Bailey

skip the utilitarian names altogether. i’m tired of .net apps using nWhatever and whatever.NET… be creative. do something different. there are too many products and services with "bundl" as a major part of the name, anyways.

i like to do free association to find interesting names… like how i found ‘albacore’ 🙂

for this project… let’s see… bundle… packages are bundles… "brown paper packages tied up with strings"… wire ties (i used to do construction work) … so there’s a name that’s a little more interesting: wire ties. or wireTies or WireTies or something like that.

get outside of the utilitarian mindset and find something creative. 🙂

Justin Etheredge

@Derick I liked Combinatron myself 🙂 I definitely like creatively named projects, but I also like them to have some loose association with what they do.


Couldn’t agree more w/ Derrick about avoiding .net or Nxxx in names, entirely too many of those. I voted for Combinatron, it has a kind of sci-fi-y sound to it. It would be even better if you added [1-9]000 to the end of the name 🙂

Scott Schlesier

Baler as in "bale the hay", seems like a nice synonym. AFAIK it is not used in a computer context.


Sorry i came a bit late. AssetPress is my suggestion.

Sorry, Squishit…. i just keep reading the last four letters. Also, dont rely of people to capitalize the I.


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