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Just take the two files and drop them into your App_Code\Extensions folder. You can then go into the Admin and you should see it under the extension tab. Just click on edit to change the settings and enter your API Key and Blog url and you should be ready to go! This extension should also be backwards compatible with 1.3.


You can go download it here.



Hi! I wanted to use this extension for my new blog but I have some problems with it. I know what an API key is, but I don’t know where to obtain one for Blogengine. Also I don’t see any edit link for this extension to enter an API key or blog url 🙁

Tom Bishop

I read that you can test if your Akismet extension is working by using viagra-test-123 as the username. Is this the case for your extension? I have tried and it seems to be letting it through.

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