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I don’t know how most people who attended tonight felt, but tonight’s meeting was exactly as I had envisioned it in the beginning. We had a large number of really passionate developers who came together to have a discussion about a topic that is important to them. So basically, the meeting was awesome and I think most people really enjoyed it.

Going forward we are going to rename the group to the "Richmond Software Craftsmanship Group". We feel like the name lets people know exactly what we are about. We have a google group setup and ready to go, and the initial members who attended tonight will get their invites soon. You can check out the Google group here.

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  1. I enjoyed myself. It was good to be in a room of developers and contribute to a round table discussion. Even my friend Chris, who hasn’t been able to use TDD [yet] said he liked the discussion and got something out of it.

    I live in geographical limbo; I work in the beltway but live in FXBG. I plan on attending the monthly meetings in Richmond despite the distance.

  2. Guild? That sounds a bit world of warcraft to me… If you break out the 8 and 10 sided dice I’m going blow a gasket!!!

  3. @oldhick @Charles The group has actually been renamed to drop the Guild in favor of Group. The decision was made that us developers don’t need to attract any more stereotypes than we already have. 🙂

  4. EverQuest? So I have to camp the building for a month to get into a meeting? How do we earn DKP?

    Anyway, the meeting was very enjoyable. I haven’t been surrounded by so many good developers before.

    We don’t do TDD here at work(or any testing at all until it hits QA) and are constantly having bugs returned to the developer or bugs that were deployed to the customer that require an emergency release. It is unfortunate.

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