I’m Speaking At DevLink 2009


Stop the presses! Word just in is that I am speaking at DevLink this year. I am pretty excited about it. It’ll be my first time speaking at a conference this large (about 800 people) and so I am pretty pumped. I will be giving two sessions at DevLink (please excuse the rushed abstracts, I’m glad that they did):

Parallel Development in .NET 4.0

Parallel development is currently a major to pain to many developers. We have some tools currently which make threading a little less painful, but the parallel computing team at Microsoft is getting ready to give us quite a few more. From the Task Parallel Library, Parallel LINQ, parallel data structures, and parallel control structures, in the next version of Visual Studio we are going to inundated with new technologies to make parallel development more palatable. Come join us and learn about these libraries and how to leverage these libraries within your applications.

Digging Deep Into Expression Trees

If you are using C# 3.0 then you are probably using Linq. Linq is an amazing technology that has a lot going on under the covers. Linq expression trees are the key that has enabled Linq To Sql, Linq To Xml, and all of the other Linq To X tools. Come join us and learn what expression trees are, how they work, and how you can build/parse them. Then you will be able to better understand how you can leverage them within your application. We will also take a look at a few frameworks that use expression trees heavily and see how they are using them to make your life easier.

I think the two sessions are going to be awesome, and if you are interested in seeing the entire speaker list you can view them here. If you are interested in attending DevLink then registration opens on April 1st at DevLink.net. Hope to see you there!

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