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I’ve given this presentation a few times now, and while it is some pretty heady stuff, I think that many people have still gotten quite a bit of useful information out of it. I keep promising to put the slides and code up on my blog, and I never did because I kept meaning to make a blog post series out of it.

Well, this past week I gave the talk again in Raleigh and I had about 5 different people send me requests to get some of the source or slides. I decided that I am still going to try and do a blog post series out of the talk, but I need to go ahead and get the code and slides up so that I don’t keep putting it off.

I apologize to those people that I told I would post the content and then didn’t. So anyways, here it is:

You can download the code and slides here.


Rob Rowe

Thanks for putting the code and slides up. I really enjoyed your talk at the Trinug meeting.

Stefano Ricciardi

I had a look at the slides. Unfortunately it’s difficult to follow them as they are, extrapolated from the presentation, which might have been awesome.

Looking forward to your blog on this topic, I might get involved in something similar very soon.


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