ASP.NET MVC Request Flow


I gave a presentation Thursday at the Richmond Meet and Code. This presentation covered Microsoft’s new web app framework “ASP.NET MVC”. My presentation was actually quite short, but one of the things I wanted to show was the flow of a request into System.Web.Routing and through System.Web.MVC. I looked around on the web and I could not find one, so I ended up creating one. I decided to go ahead and reformat it to fit on the blog.

This graphic shows the user sending in a url, and a Route being matched inside of the RouteCollection. I glossed over this part a bit, but what I wanted to highlight was the Url and RouteHandler that the Route class held. This is the way in which the request is passed from System.Web.Routing over to System.Web.Mvc. Once it gets into System.Web.Mvc I tried to show all of the major classes involved and the method that is invoked on each.


I hope that this helps someone out!

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