Revitalized Application Suite

Helping a Property Management Company Revitalize A Suite of Internal Products

…Just improvements to what you’ve already got.


Weinstein Properties had a suite of in-house, web-based applications they were using to support their business and commercial tenants in three states. Suddenly, the commercial and residential property manager found themselves without the original developers, nor much documentation on how the software was built.


Instead of hiring new developers, they called on Simple Thread.

Unravel the code to find the answers.

As we dug in, we found several challenges:

  • Unnecessary, extra code and technical debt that bogged down the apps
  • Minimal documentation on how the system was built or needed to be maintained
  • Lots of implied, undocumented dependencies, and
  • Limited access to the original developers.

The system is also heavily integrated with a popular but fickle property management app. This alone demanded a number of significant workarounds.

Understand the problem. Then solve the issues.

Without much access to the original developers, we talked to employees who used the suite of apps to better understand their pains and frustrations, and worked the issues from there.

Our goal was to make employees minimally reliant on tech support, so they could more easily, effectively, and quickly do their jobs.

Bring order to chaos.

Our initial interviews with team members allowed us to ramp up quickly and mitigate the lack of documentation and access to original developers. We also didn’t recommend starting from scratch or the need to build an entirely new suite of apps (and there were a couple dozen) – a process that takes time and, certainly, money.

We identified weak links in the applications, and rethought the way they were written to be more stable – and thereby make the processes more reliable. The result is a suite of cleaner, simpler apps that are far easier to use. And our efforts have relieved the pain of users.

Hearing pain points firsthand and understanding the business drives our prioritization of issues and determines where to focus to drive value for the client. Our process enables us to become trusted technical advisors, not just single project consultants.

We had three full-time developers who left us in a very short period of time. Rather than hiring replacements, we decided to partner with Simple Thread in order to fulfill our development needs. What a great decision that turned out to be! Simple Thread is extremely responsive, provides great service and development insight, and finishes projects on-time. In general, Simple Thread has been fantastic to work with, and we are extremely happy with our decision to partner with them.

Chris Oley, Director of Financial Analysis - Weinstein Properties