Custom Project Management Software

Creating an integrated experience from opportunity to delivery.

Dominion Due Diligence Group (D3G) had been using a desktop application they had built years back to manage their projects. But it was outdated, slow, and insufficient. Worst of all, it had no remote or mobile access. Nearly unconscionable these days, right?

Attempts to rebuild the app failed. Employee frustration was mounting. Then they found Simple Thread.

We found the pain points.

We put feet on the street at the company headquarters. Through asking questions and listening, we uncovered the pain points of the application. It:

  • Didn’t provide a holistic view of their entire project delivery pipeline;
  • Required a multitude of external systems like email and spreadsheets for managing projects;
  • Caused issues when multiple users tried to edit the same projects; and,
  • Was very slow for remote employees, and didn’t allow mobile access.

Then we built the relief.

Once we knew the pain points, it was clear that the company need a product that:

  • Could scale easily
  • Could be accessed remotely and on a mobile device, no matter the data size required
  • Would be familiar and comfortable use
  • Would combine its many systems into a single tool, and
  • Would integrate with their sales and delivery pipelines.

And the outcome? Simple.

  • We look at each software development project as a product. We treat internal users (employees) as our customers. We ask questions and listen in order to build an experience that delights.
  • We always start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and iterate from there. At a bare minimum, D3G’s app, Project Manager, had to do what the old app did (only better) and work reliably from Day One.
  • We used our DevOps expertise to automate the application environment and infrastructure, which enabled them to continue running the app in-house.
  • We worked with an Agile cadence of discover, design, create, and iterate to add fully functional features in rapid succession.

The result? Relief and delight.

By taking the time to listen before we rolled up our sleeves to build, we created a product that not only alleviated pain points, but restored and increased productivity and efficiency. The app also offers a delightful user experience and makes everyone’s lives at D3G just little bit easier (or maybe a lot easier). We’ve also enjoyed a long and continuing partnership with D3G, helping them continue to add features and enhancements to the app.

The custom Project Management software that Simple Thread developed for us has made every employee more efficient. The user interface is so intuitive and delightful to use that employees immediately adopted the product because they saw the value from the start. And I love the fact that when we need to see how the project is progressing, wherever we are, we can pull it up on the phone or any connected device. Simple Thread simplified and has saved us untold time and money.

Rob Hazelton, President - Dominion Due Diligence Group